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September 29, 2008

An Easy Time-Saving Tip

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Here is an easy way to save several hours a year, and just in time.  Don’t watch the election return coverage. Just wait until the next day and read the final results. It doesn’t really matter if you go a few hours without knowing who won, does it now?

If you think you enjoy the drama, think again. It is not like a competition such as a football game where the results are decided while you watch. With a few exceptions, everyone has already voted. And even then, you’re not watching the voting–just the counting.

Do you really need to listen to a bunch of pundits arguing who will win when you can wait a few hours and see for yourself, or worse, listen to them “declaring” a winner as if they get to decide the elections?

Do yourself a favor, skip the election coverage and do something useful with your time:  Read a book, play with your kids, or even take a nap.


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