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May 4, 2008

A Running Scorecard for the Rest of Us

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Look in almost any issue of the HTC News and you will see results of the Huntsville Track Club Grand Prix, a yearly contest for HTC members. Throughout the year, winners of certain races are awarded points and at the end of the year, the Grad Prix winner is the one with the most points—just like auto racing. I’m sure this is a spirited affair, with rival runners passing each other in the standings throughout the year and the results often not being settled until the final race. But, let’s face it: Most of us are never going to be in contention for the Grand Prix, or, for that matter, score any points at all. But, that’s okay—not everyone can be a winner, or even a contender.

However, we ordinary runners would like to score points for our runs, too. It doesn’t have to be points for winning, just points. So, with that in mind I have created a running score card for “the rest of us”.

Runners and Technology: Runners interact with a lot of technology, sometimes intentionally and some unintentionally.
+10 Activate a motion detector light.
+50 Activate two motion detectors simultaneously.
-100 The owner comes running out with a shotgun to see what’s happening.

Traffic Regulations: There are a lot of traffic regulations for drivers, but don’t you ever wonder if any of them also apply to runners?
+1 “Running” a stop sign.
+100 Breaking a speed limit. (Tricky, since the human speed record is 12 mph).
-200 You get a Moving Violation for either of these.

Interactions with Drivers: Not all drivers understand the concept of “running”. How do you interact with them?
+10 A driver stops and asks if you need a ride.
+25 You are actually running and not just stretching or walking at the time.
+50 They look at you like you are crazy when you tell them you are out there without a vehicle on purpose.
-100 If you wimp out and take them up on the offer.

Running with your pet: Running with you dog can be a rewarding experience for both of you You can improve your health while enjoying the company of man’s best friend.
+10 Take your dog running with you
+25 Take more than one dog with you.
+100 Figure out how to take a cat running with you.
-75 Your dog stops during the run and refuses to go any further.

Personal Accomplishment: As we get older, the PR’s don’t come as often as they used to, if they come at all. Sometimes we need to set different goals.
+10 Complete a run of more than one mile with your shoes on the opposite feet.
+50 Run a complete race of at least 5k with you shoes on the opposite feet.
-150 If it was not intentional.

Record keeping: Keeping good records can be helpful and modern technology makes it even easier.
+10 Log the time & distance of the run with a spreadsheet.
+25 Also log temperature, pulse rate, weight, etc.
+50 Use a database and data mining techniques to find a correlation between your pace & the dew point.
-100 Do this while you are running.

Races: What can we do when we run races to help out or just stand out?
+5 Wear your race number where it can be easily seen.
+25 Wear a costume such as Mr. Incredible.
-150 If this is not during a race.

Day and Night: It is always fun to start in the dark and watch the sun rise while you run, or vice-verse.
+25 Cross a day/night boundary while running.
+250 Cross two of them in the same run. Double below 60 deg latitude.


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